About the Baker:

About the Baker:

My name is Katie and I love old recipes and cookbooks and baking and all things vintage. Why do I love them? Well,  I’m kind of an old-fashioned girl at heart and I love that slightly off odour rises out of the pages of aged books but what’s more,  I love love love seeing the names of the housewives who donated their recipes in so many of the old books that I have.  I wonder about the authors of these recipes and what their lives were like and I’m spellbound by ladies who had the chutzpah to write their own cookbooks back in the day when it was kind of odd for a lady to want to do something other than be wife and mother; a teacher or a nurse.

I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up but I went to college and took a lot of classes about a lot of different things before I realized that food and writing were my passions. I majored in English and when I graduated, I took my new shiny new degree and moved to New York City with my cats and my soon-to-be husband and took professional baking and pastry and culinary management at The Institute of Culinary Education in Manhattan.

When I finished school in New York, I came to the realization that since I loved writing about baked goods, talking about baked goods, taking pictures of baked goods and since I had all these old books and recipes that I had better do something with them. Thus, this site was born.

Today, I live in Calgary, Alberta (that’s in Canada, eh) and bake for my handsome husband named Collin Murray in our smallish kitchen (nothing is as small as a New York kitchen, I promise). Collin Murray just happens to be the world’s best taste tester. My mother says this is because he is a sturdy man with a good pioneer spirit but I think it’s ‘cause he likes me and the things I bake. He’s a chef-y too.

When I’m not baking, talking about baking or reading about baking, I’m working as an Assistant Manager at Williams Sonoma, catering, teaching cooking classes and writing this website…when I’m not doing that, I’m patting my kittens, obsessively organizing my spice cupboard, and drinking moscato d’asti with wild abandon.

Oh yeah, here’s me. Hi. I’m baking. I’m four. I’m in Texas…hence the big hair and gingham.