About the Site:

About this Site:

Baking Vintage is inspired by recipes that I’ve found in aging recipe boxes and vintage cookbooks. Since I’m a young-ish kind of lady, to me vintage is before 1980. Some of the recipes that you see have been followed exactly, others have been heavily modified – the determining factor is always taste and availability of ingredients. Some ingredients aren’t available in our modern world (suet, anyone?), others have been altered for taste; and sometimes measurements found in vintage books aren’t measurements that we use today (what the heck is a number 2 can anyway?).

And sometimes the recipes I post will simply be ones that delight or inspire me that I’ve found either on-line or from one of the modern day cookbooks in my library. What you won’t find are recipes with liquid nitrogen or any form of foam. In my heart friends, I’m a vintage lady with vintage tastes and this website is dedicated to that familiar, home-style, just-like-mom-used-to-make…with a twist…kind of recipes. I sure do hope y’all enjoy!