Vintage Basics: Chocolate Wafer Crust

I know that I just shared my love of the Graham Cracker Crust,  but being that I’m the kind of girl who really loves chocolate, I can’t help but be a little partial to pie crusts made with chocolate wafers. I like this crust recipe for cheesecakes but you could also use it for chiffon pies or meringue tarts: no matter what, it’s crazy delicious, I promise you that.

This crust recipe is so simple that it’s almost embaressing. Melt some butter and mix it into the chocolate cookie crumbs, press it into a pan and your done. I like to use the bottom of a measuring cup to press the crust into the pan because the curve of the measuring cup fits into the curve of the pan nicely. The measuring cup also makes it quite easy to get a level crust.

Though I prefer to bake the crust for 10 minutes just to give it a little crunch and to help it set, the original recipe actually didn’t call for baking, so you could easily skip that step if you wanted to. Whatever your choice, once you’ve made the crust, it becomes a great base for any number of different pie and tart recipes.

Chocolate Wafer Cookie Crust (adapted from The New Saint Louis Symphony of Cooking)

Makes a crust to fit 1, 10-inch springform pan

2 cups chocolate wafer cookie crumbs

⅓ cup unsalted butter, melted

If baking crust, preheat oven to 350˚F.

In a medium bowl, combine cookie crumbs and butter. Mix with a spoon till combined.

Press into a springform pan using your hands or the bottom of a measuring cup to flatten the crumbs.

Set aside till ready to fill or bake for 10 minutes and allow to cool before using.

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