How To: Cut a Pineapple

I love pineapple but I know a lot of people don’t buy them because they seem like a real pain to get into. Use this guide and after a couple pineapples of practice, I promise you will get the hang of cutting a pineapple. I like to use a serrated knife because I find the knife sinks its teeth into the pineapple well but you can feel free to use a chef’s knife too.

First, you remove the top and bottom of the pineapple — now you have a flat surface to cut on.

Then, just like with supreming citrus, you remove the skin off the outside of the pineapple. Use your knife and saw down around the outside of the pineapple until all the rough, prickly pineapple bits are gone.

Now, look down the center of the pineapple and see the circular little core. You want to use the core as your guide and cut the pineapple in half.

Cut the half, in half.

Cut the quarter into half.

Use your knife to remove the core. Place your hand on the outside of the pineapple to stabilize it as you cut. Locate the core and with your knife on an angle, cut it own.

You can now flip the pineapple onto the flat edge created by removing the core and decide if you want to: Cut it into strips.

Cut it into wedges.

Or cut it into tidbits.


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