How To: Supreme Citrus Fruit

Ok, today we are going to talk about one of my favorite things…segmenting citrus fruit. Once you get the hang of it, segmenting or supreming an orange is an easy and elegant way to class up any salad, fruit or otherwise, or dessert. Who wants to eat the nasty pity anyway? Supreme away!

Begin with the lovely citrus fruit of your choice:

Using a knife, I suggest a paring knife, remove about quarter of an inch of the top and bottom of an fruit. Now you have a flat surface to use as you begin to remove the peel from the fruit.

Use your knife to follow the round of the fruit from top to bottom. Try to remove all the white pith and leave as much of the actual fruit as possible until all the peel is removed. (If you want…you can save the peel to make candied citrus peel and one day Baking Vintage will show you how to do that.)

Now it’s time to remove the fruit from the membrane. There are a couple ways to do this: The first way is a¬†rebellious¬†one. I hold the orange in my hand and use a small paring knife to remove the fruit, carefully cutting between the membrane and the meat of the fruit on either side of what will be the segment. I do this over a bowl to catch the juices and I go slowly and carefully because after all, knives are sharp, people. The second way is the way I suggest to those of you who are less comfortable with knives. Basically, you remove the segment of citrus from the white membrane by cutting on either side same as before, but you do so by resting the fruit on the cutting board and using your hand to stabilize it. You pick your method of removal.

Continue going around the orange till all the segments are removed — you feel classy now, don’t you?

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